Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hand made greeting cards

I have a group of friends that love to make greeting cards.  Although I had no extra time to start a new hobby I found myself drawn into this fun group of ladies and even making some cards.  We usually meet once a week, but it is a really relaxing environment where you don't feel pressured to work on anything.  We laugh a lot.  It's just a really great girls day!

charity quilt for square cuts

Since I have had health problems I was shocked to find that I hadn't posted anything for almost 4 months.  I had a lot of pictures of various projects and I thought maybe I would do a few quick posts just to delete the photos.
This quilt top was pieced from  block-of-the-month kits.  I only had 8 of the center blocks and 10 of the outer blocks to work with.  After moving them to several different arrangements I was finally happy with this one! When we complete a quilt, it is donated to a deserving cause.