Sunday, June 2, 2013

Robin Nest

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that a bird was building a nest in my jackmanii clematis.  She chose a horrible place to put her nest (in my opinion).  It is located right where everyone has to walk when coming and going from the house and I figured she would abandon this idea when she realized how much traffic there is constantly passing within a couple of feet of her nest.  I checked about a week later and found there was 2 eggs.  The next day there was 3.  Today she has 4 eggs.

The nest is right in the center of the picture and surrounded with leaves.

When I stand on tiptoes I can see the eggs.

I'm glad it was a Robin that chose this spot for her nest.  Their eggs just happen to be my favorite color.  Her nest will soon be surrounded with beautiful flowers!


  1. Pretty colors in your picture. How's the little rooster getting along? Is his crow working better?

  2. Okay, so there is a lot of traffic, but it is such a pretty place for a nest. : )