Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Customer quilts

This is the table runner that Loreta made for Begonias custom built dining table.  It is 108" by 30"!  OOPS!  I MADE A MISTAKE ON THE SIZE.  IT IS 208"  x 30"!  I could barely fit it in the picture!

The fabrics are all beautiful Batiks.

It was quilted very simply with a meander stitch.

Another amazing quilt by Evelyn!

Lots of embroidery!

close-up of the center

This little miniature was made by Cynthia.  The center has wool applique and is surrounded with a border made from 1/2 inch squares!

Cynthia's mini quilt

Carol's quilt

Odette's star quilt

I couldn't get a good picture of the center quilting, but it has a circular design.

I love the way the appliqued leaf branches circle around the star.

Linda's jelly roll quilt

The back of Linda's jelly roll quilt with a free-motion swirl pattern.

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  1. Some beautiful quilts and quilting. Of course, the little mini is my favorite!