Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bonnie's Allietare mystery quilt pattern

It has been so long since I last posted anything that I will now have to learn it all over again.  How frustrating! Something I recently read frequently seems to apply to me. "Why is it that I can remember all the words from a popular song from 1974, and yet I cannot remember why I came into this room?"  I'll bet all those curious quilters out there never even came close to figuring out the mystery to this quilt!  Thank you once again for a fun mystery quilt Bonnie Hunter!  You never cease to amaze me with all you do! Each MQ just seems to be more beautiful than the last.... if that is possible!  So once again I say thank you, because I just can't seem to thank you enough!!!  To see more about Bonnie's latest mystery quilt, click here
I just jumped right into Bonnies mystery quilt this year, starting with the (almost) 300 half square triangles. I managed to get them all finished fairly quickly and then stayed caught up with the gold 4- patch blocks. I think this project was exactly what I needed. I love the way it is coming together. I managed to finish 6 blocks.  That really isn't very many when you need 44 more.


This is where I really slowed down. The headless geese really got bogged down as I searched my fabric stash for variety to make the "sets" of those poor birds.

I still haven't caught up, but I'm so proud to have completed 12 blocks.

I am bound and determined to have this quilted by the end of February. Perhaps it will do as well for me in the fair this summer as Easy Street did for me last year. My new goal is to learn how to send pictures to my blog from my phone.
I am so very computer challenged. Tomorrow I'll take a photo of my 12 blocks and add it to this post so that I can include it for the last post! This might be my first post, but it is a last post to link up for quite a while I have heard.

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  1. You gave me a chuckle! I spend way to much time backtracking tracking in my house to figure out why I was going to the other room. Oh well its exercise. Bonnie quilts are always amazing. I've never made one but I love watching others progress. This years is so much nicer than last years. Thanks for linking up at Podunk Pickins. Come back anytime!