Tuesday, November 27, 2012

crocheted coat hanger cover

I really hate it when my clothes fall off the hanger and really don't like those little loops they sew into the shoulder seam to loop over the top of the hanger to keep them from falling off.  I decided to try crocheting over a few of my metal hangers to use up some of my leftover yarns.  I found a video of a method of crocheting something that looked like this one.  It was not easy, but I made it around.  I couldn't figure out how to finish the top. I just ended it.  It looks sloppy and unfinished.  I also twisted it as I crocheted just to see if it would look better.  It doesn't.
I guess a hanger doesn't need to be pretty!

This one was made from a yarn ball left over from the socks in my post "to darn or not to darn".        It was much easier than my first hanger.  I made up a pattern as I went along.  I used 2 metal hangers for this one.  It started with a chain that measured the length around the hanger and joined the ends to form a circle. (not including the length of the top hook)  I then single crocheted three rows.   Careful to keep the circle straight!  Starting at the base of the hook, I wrapped the width of the piece around the 2 hangers (one hanger on top of the other) and began crocheting around until I got back to the base of the hanger.  I was going to quit at this point, but had just enough yarn left over to begin a chain that measured the length of the hook.  I single crocheted back and forth 3 times, widening out with a double crochet on the last 5 stitches to give more to wrap around the twisted part of the metal on the base of the hook.  Since this is still joined to the wrapped part on the bottom, I just wrapped it around the hook and crocheted around to the top.  This not only looked better, but it took less than half the time it took to make the twisted grey one.  I hope these directions are not too confusing.  After hiding the yarn tail, I had used up all of this yarn!


  1. Nice job on the hanger. Did you get you snow globe block done?

  2. Gail, I have a pattern that you crochet on a afghan hook. It is really easy to do. I will bring it to the meeting next week. There are a couple of patterns that I have but I like it the best.

    1. thanks Judy! I have never used a afghan hook, but I think I have a couple that I inherited from my mother-in-law. You might have to show me how it works.