Saturday, November 10, 2012

Grinch tree for Josh

This little quilt started with almost 250 pins in it.  It was totally ready for my friend to machine quilt on her regular domestic sewing machine.  Even though Phyllis had physical challenges, she did amazing things.  I wish she was still here to finish her Grinch quilt, but since she can't I am glad that I can do it.  It was made for Josh.  He will surely treasure it.

Her daughter Theresa would pin to perfection so that her mom could finish them.  Phyllis was an inspiration!  She would cut her binding and wind it on a piece of cardboard, then label it with the name of the quilt that it was intended for. 

Once when I mentioned how organized she was by doing her binding and keeping everything in a kit until it was finished.  She informed me that if she didn't do it that way she would end up using the fabric for some other quilt.  If this happens, you can be sure that you'll never find the same fabric in the quantity you need!  Since Theresa often took her on shop-hops as far away as all of the surrounding States,  she probably wouldn't even remember where she bought it!!!

 I think it turned out really cute!