Wednesday, December 12, 2012

grandchildren's Christmas quilts

Joshua's kaleidescope quilt!

There was only enough fabric to complete 12 blocks and then it was just a matter of cutting and piecing what was left until it was almost totally gone.
This quilt was sent with a scholastic book about the old lady who swallowed a fly (and several other unusual things). 
Julie Gabrielle's bright quilt.
The I Spy Quilt

 This quilt was started several years ago.  I finally finished it in 2011.  The child it was made for is now close to 13 years old.  Somehow he grew up before I could get it finished.  How do my days fly by so quickly?  I really thought  I would have more time when I got "older".  I'm actually semi-retired now.  I used to custom bale hay 6 months out of the year and custom quilting was my other job.  Now I have sold my tractor.  No more hay bales.  I replaced my old longarm and my tractor with a new Millennium.  Now I have more time for quilting... or do I?.

 It is hard to justify starting a new project with so many UFO's.  But I somehow manage to convince myself that it is ok.  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I find it more fun.  Maybe I will finish another quilt after Bonnie's Easy Street Mystery is complete.  Notice I said complete rather than  finished.


  1. I hope they think so. It is so hard to know what a kid will like in this day and age. But whether they like it or not, quilts are what I do and so that is sometimes what they get. I know I would have loved to get a quilt from my Grandma!!!