Friday, December 21, 2012

Santa Clause quilted Christmas Card!

I have a friend that loves to make beautiful hand made cards for people.  She never misses an occasion and the card always arrives on time.  I am sort of the opposite type of person.  I forget what day it is and even after being reminded, I can frequently forget again.  My goal this year was to surprize my friend with a hand made card.  It will go out in tomorrows mail so that she will have it on Christmas Eve!!!

My photography is very amateur!  But if you notice Santas eyes they are looking down in this photo.  He has google eyes and it is so cute!  His beard, eyebrows, mustache and hair is fusible fleece and his nose and the top of his hat are tiny little pom poms.  The photo just does not show how cute he really is!  The dimensions are 6" X 7".  I looked on the USPS website and it says that first class letters must be rectangular, so I had to take an inch off to make it 'legal' to mail him.  My original idea was to send it as a post card, but it was too big for that.  The hardest part was the binding ! 
I used fusible fleece for a light batting then added Pellon Peltex II ultra firm fusible stabilizer-double sided to make the whole thing very stiff!  Maybe I'll make some more little quilted cards for next Christmas!  It actually didn't take very long and was kind of a fun project.  I think a Christmas tree would be cute decorated with ric rac and tiny round buttons!  What do you think?

I had a small problem when I went to sign the back of my quilted Christmas card.  I used a blue line water erasable pen to write out the message just in case I might make a mistake.  I then went over the blue lines with a permanent marker.  When I sprayed it with blue line eraser, all of the color bled into the surrounding fabric.  Apparently the blue line marker had a reaction with the pigma pen and the blue line eraser spray!  EEK!!!!!  I ran for tissue and dabbed over and over again.  This is what it looked like afterward.  OHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOO!  Now what!!!!!

Time for damage control.  Once it was dry, I went over the original letters with a black pen.  Then I applied a light coat of snowy looking glitter around the words.   This will have to work because it's going in the mail today! 


  1. Very nice Christmas card. Where did you find the Peltex?

    1. I found the Peltex at JoAnn! :) I go there occasionally.