Wednesday, May 1, 2013

UFO finishes

This month I had high hopes of getting a lot of things done.  My first goal was to complete the "birds"  top.  I auditioned several different corners and ended up with blocks that have become more UFO's.  I finally settled on something that is fairly simple.  It creates open space for quilting.  The center is now completely sewn, so I did accomplish my goal.  Now it will have another "time out" until I decide whether to finish it as it is or add borders to make it into a large quilt.

I didn't like the churn dash quilt blocks on the corner.  Maybe I will make some more and put them into another quilt.  It has now outgrown the wall, so on the floor it goes.  I am so ready to see something different on this wall and there is probably some a lot of you that are really sick of seeing these bird blocks too!  The corners appear to be really dark, but the print is actually just little clusters of flowers on a white background.

I'm linked up to Pigtales and Quilts for this post.  My other goals for April were to
  1. finish 2 flannel baby quilts    I finished 1
  2. finish the string quilt top      I finished the top
  3. finish 10 customer quilts       I finished 7 
I have also linked up to Richard and Tanya Quilts for Link-a-finish Friday.  You should go check out what everyone else is finishing!


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  1. How can you tire of such happy little birdies? : )