Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Back to square one step #4 completed

This month we added a 2 1/2" strip around the center and made 20 square in a square in a square blocks.  I know that sounds kind of redundant, but it is true.  Now I have to admit that this is far outside of my comfort zone.  When I first started piecing blocks (too many years ago to bother counting)  I learned about quilting by joining a quilt guild.  They were doing a block of the month at the time.  What a great opportunity to learn, right?  One of the first blocks made was a square in a square in a square in a square in a square...... etc.  It started at around 2 1/2" in the center and was supposed to finish at 12.  Mine looked like it was built to cover a small pyramid.  The dome was reaching for the sky no matter how many times I tried to "press" it down with the iron.  One lady in the guild liked to tease me about that block every time she saw me.  It usually started with the words "remember that block...."?  How could I forget?  I tried to forget.  That lady passed away several years ago or she might still be reminding me of that block.  Well I'll bet she is looking down at me with pride at how flat these little blocks lay.  Hopefully she isn't noticing that I lost a couple of points somewhere in my seam allowances.  My days of striving for perfection are over.  Now I am just happy thrilled satisfied with finishing my projects!


  1. I think this is one of my favorites. Love the colors.

  2. I'm loving your colors and fabric choices as well. Looking great!

  3. Beautiful fabrics and colors