Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The chickens have started laying Part 2

I decided to leave the link in the last post even though it did not help me a bit.  My sister-in-law was here for a reunion at the time I was preparing the eggs.  The first thing I can confirm is that the fresher the egg, the worse the results.  Most of the eggs came from the same dozen I had purchased from the store.  Some peeled perfectly and some did not want to let go of their shell AT ALL!!!  Now back to the part about my sister-in-law being here.  She walked up and peeled 3 of the 20-some eggs I was working on and says to me...  "see here, all you have to do is give them one little tap on the top of the egg and they will peel perfectly every time because there is a little air bubble where you can get inside the membrane".  I replied "ummmmm hmmmmmmmm"  as I continued peeling the rest of the eggs and I thought to myself  "what if the egg is turned upside down when you are boiling them?"

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