Friday, November 22, 2013

Flock Block

Most of my posts are about quilts or knit/crochet projects.  I occasionally post something about my chickens.  This is about my chickens.  Those who are not interested in chicken related stuff will probably want to quit reading at this point.  

So a couple of days ago I gave them some yogurt.  They loved it and I thought all that white on their beaks made them look like little clowns.  I told the hubster about it when I came back inside and he said "It's nice that they can give you so much entertainment".  They really are amusing.  I think he thinks I am amusing.

The temperatures dropped to 10 degrees last night.  It never really got above the freezing mark here today.  I am always looking for something to take to the girls besides their scratch and layers feed.  Now that the winter is here it's not as easy.  Tonight I found this recipe.  Tomorrow I will make it for the girls.  It is supposed to keep them busy because they totally love pecking at something.  Maybe it will keep the boss-hen from being quite so cranky with the others.  We will see.

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  1. Good idea for your chickens. I bet they will love that.