Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My crocheted fabric selvage round rug!

This is the round rug that I made entirely of fabric selvage strips.  It was crocheted over several years.  A little at a time I would add to my large ball of selvage strips that I had saved from various quilts.  When I felt I had a sufficient amount to make several rounds I would crochet until I had used it all up.  Then I would begin a new ball of strips.  I decided it was large enough when It measured 65" across, which is perfect for my porch.  I only use it during the "nice" weather and then bring it in, wash it, and put it away till the next spring.  Most of the selvages were cut from quilt backs so that I could get 70" or more without any joins.  It makes a charming addition to the porch and lies right in front of my white rocking chair.

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