Thursday, March 28, 2013

Good News

I don't usually post about the everyday events, but Judy's post at Patchwork Times made me think today about how blessed I am.  Her post is titled good news Thursday. 

Tomorrow we will have some good friends coming to visit for the weekend.  That is good news.  I received 8 customer quilts in the past 3 days and none of them have an immediate deadline.  That is good news.  Yesterday I did something I have been wanting to do for several years.  I bought some chicks and ducks!  I used to have chickens and ducks, but after they were all gone, I didn't replace them because our work schedule didn't leave me much extra time to give them the proper care they needed.  Now that I'm home more I'm excited to have my little flock.  That is good news!  This good news doesn't come without a little sad news though.  When I got home from town, I left my little birds in the car while I went to prepare their new home.  DH got some supplies out of the back and didn't shut the door.  Our little miniature pinscher jumped in and killed 3 of the chicks before I got back from the hen house.  This morning DH told me that "Penny the min-pin" had communicated to him that she only did that because she didn't think those chicks were supposed to be in our car.  It is hard to be mad at an animal that just thinks she is doing her job.  Since this horrible event I have made it abundantly clear to her that these birds belong here and although she isn't happy about it she seems resigned to accept these feathered intruders.  (at least while the humans are watching)    I had to put wire on top because the ducks were trying to jump out of the pool.

Aren't they adorable?  I'm trying to teach them to get along because the ducks seem to think they are better than the chicks.  They seem to be responding well to my quacking.

With Easter almost here I have to say that I am grateful to live in a country where I enjoy so many freedoms and especially grateful for our religious freedom!


  1. They sure are cute. Are you naming all of them?

  2. I probably will. My family already thinks I'm a little wacky (sometimes quacky) That was corny!

  3. Oh, they're so cute! I want to get ducks one of these days.

  4. My grandpa was a chicken farmer and this sight of these fluffy little cuties takes me back to Springtime on his farm. One year he injected eggs with dye and we had pastel colored chicks for Easter. Probably environmentally incorrect to do that these days.

  5. awww My grandbabies would love these baby chicks.

    I also wanted to let you know the April To Do List Linky is up on my blog if you want to link up this month.