Friday, March 22, 2013

March progress on Back to Square One and trouble with red fabric!


I had a little problem with my Back to square one mystery quilt.  After I finished step two, I was pressing the pieces when I misted with a bottle of water.  I noticed on one of the seams where the #1 muslin colored fabric had turned pink.  The intense red color of the neighboring fabric was bleeding.   OH NO!  So it was time to retreive the seam ripper!  After unsewing my seams that were attached to the red offender, I cut new pieces from my next choice.  I had originally debated whether to use the dark red tone on tone or the orangey red with the leaf pattern.

You can see the pink on the edge of the seam in the picture to the right and it was odd to find that there was a little red transfer as it was stitched which caused a dotted line.
I have had my fair share of problems with fabrics bleeding and blue line markers not coming out like they're supposed to in the recent months!
So after taking it apart and putting it back together, I went on to finish the clue for March and I think it is looking really pretty!  


  1. That would be frustrating--but in the end, this is a beautiful block!

  2. It came out beautiful Gail. Really looking forward to what is next.

  3. I love the block and the colors..... I think the red you picked after the "problem" is beautiful...

  4. very pretty. Most of us can probably relate to the "bleeding" frustration.