Thursday, February 7, 2013

How will I quilt this?

I sometimes put a quilt on the frame with no idea what I will do.  There is no idea to inspire me as I prepare to quilt.  I just know that I am unique with this problem.  When I was in my high school art class I can remember looking at that blank canvas terrified of the first stroke of the brush.  It was so intimidating.  I knew that the world wouldn't come to an end and I wouldn't even flunk the class if it wasn't quite right, but I was still frozen.  I would gather my courage and tell myself I had to begin.  When I would receive a compliment on my work, it was hard to accept gracefully because all I could see was my mistakes.  This quilt is another one of those "blank canvas" projects.  The lady that made it does beautiful work!  I worry about her opinion of my choices.  She must like what I do, because I have been quilting for her for many years now.

I knew I had to get started because I have several more customer quilts waiting in line.  Still not knowing what I was going to do, I started the machine. 

I managed to work my way across the quilt, even though I still had a very vague idea of what I was doing.  I think it turned out well and hopefully my customer will be pleased.

The back is minkee.  As much as I love the feel of this fabric, I don't like to quilt it.  My first and foremost objection is the way those soft little fibers want to pull through and pop up on top of the quilt.  This is a problem when you have a very dark fabric on the top and a pastel on the back.  My second reason is the static it can create.  A friend of mine that works at our local quilt shop told me that they had a problem with the stitch regulator breaking.  The repairman asked if they worked a lot with minkee backs.  He went on to explain that they tend to create a lot of static electricity.  I am just so happy it is done!


  1. Looks like you did a beautiful job.
    That is good to know about the Minkee!

  2. Looks like you came up with a beautiful plan for quilting, I would really be stuck trying to make each quilt look different. I have never worked with minkee on my domestic but it looks beautiful seeing the back! Thanks for sharing.
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  3. It turned out beautifully! I agree that quilting on minkee can be a headache, but don't you just love how the design stands out? I quilted words on one for my daughter and it makes me so happy that you can read them.

  4. You did a great job quilting this project! I know that "haven't got a clue how to quilt this" feeling. Happens to me all the time. The best cure I've found is to just make that first 'brush stroke" and see where it leads.

  5. Love the color of blue and yellow so I really like this quilt.
    And yes getting started is a big hurdle to get over! I had the same feeling and thoughts when I was ready to start a quilt, of course, it was my first FMQ and also it was my quilt to make for a gift. I still hesitated because I didn't know what design to do. But, I had to get started!
    [I am new at commenting, so hope this isn't a duplicate reply on my part!]

  6. Gorgeous! I didn't know that about the minky. I know a couple longarmers who work with it all the time - I wonder if they've found strategies to work around this. . . Will have to ask!

  7. That's very pretty, Gail! You did a great job with the quilting. Whoop whoop!!

  8. My mom did this quilt and it turned out gorgeous! Gail, your work is amazing!

    1. Hi Odette! I just realized it is you! Every single quilt your mother makes is beautiful!!! I think she does the best applique work of anyone I know!