Sunday, February 24, 2013

Purple scrap blocks

After making some of these purple blocks last week I knew I would need more of them.  I had to get out a box of semi-organized misc. scraps plus a large bag of leftover purple scraps from my Easy Street quilt.  I cut enough to make 10 more.

I always like to cut larger triangle pieces than I actually need and then trim to square up later.  I recently won some of vicki welsh hand dyed fabric.  I was able to use some on the corners of the block on the top right corner.  Check here to see more purple!

I love scrap quilts!


  1. What a pretty purple collection. Glad you kept digging to find more scraps to put to such a good use.

  2. I love purple, but don't think I could begin to come up with that many purple scraps. Fun blocks!

  3. Hi Gail, i like the thinks you do!
    Purple is my favorite this time.
    Greetings Marle

  4. Pretty purple fabrics and awesome purple blocks.
    I love scrap quilts, too :D