Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Passion et Couture: The triple Zip Pouch!

Here's a triple zip pouch that I found today.  It's a really great idea and appears to be fairly simple.  It would make a great gift idea too!
Passion et Couture: The triple Zip Pouch!  or go to a Quilters Table for her tutorial.  So it was late last night when I found Marisa's blog, Passion et Couture and the triple zip pouch.  I needed to get to sleep, but I didn't want to lose this link.  I did this post, shut down the computer and went to bed.  Obviously this was for my benefit as well as yours!  When I found her comment this morning I had to hurry back to Passion et Couture.  She has lots of other great tutorials.  There is a crochet hat pattern that I think my daughter would absolutely love (for me to make for her). 

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  1. Gail, thanks for mentioning here my triple zip pouch, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
    With me today you have a new follower, I love your creations!
    Marisa from