Wednesday, January 30, 2013

back to square one first step completed

I finished the January assignment for the back to square one mystery quilt tonight!  It went so fast!!!  Probably because I  kind of got used to making over 100  2" units per week when working on Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts!  I still haven't made up my mind on fabric #6.  Although I really enjoyed the piecing and everything went together really well, I was uncomfortable with most of the outer edges being on the bias.  I try to avoid bias whenever possible, but in this case I kept telling myself it was ok because I don't have any idea how it will all be going together.

You can check out others progress on the back to square one mystery here.


  1. How long can you hold out on fabric #6?
    Looks good so far. I love that ferny blue fabric.

    1. I figure I have at least 3 weeks to decide on #6. The clue for February comes out tomorrow. If it includes the use of #6 I will have to decide before I piece the next clue. I love the idea of doing a couple of hours work each month and ending up with a finished quilt over 90" before the end of the year! Maybe I'll be done when Bonnie starts her 2013 mystery quilt! :)

  2. Looks lovely! I'm enjoying this mystery, too, and not having to put in a ton of work all at once. By the time I checked Vicki's kits, she'd stopped offering them. I actually had all the fabrics for my mystery in my stash except for a light green that hasn't been used yet and I had to buy that. I may have to supplement another fabric for my accent fabric if I run out. I do have a complimentary one.